Quai Dao Airdrop

Quai Dao Airdrop

QUAI Airdrop Details:

QUAI DAO decentralized participatory governance with designed elements of a fluid democracy, this can produce a more optimum balance of interests amongst all participants. Important to note, that decentralized financial markets are providing alternative sources of democratized capital while utilizing new technologies to drive fluid liquidity with cryptocurrencies and derivatives, which provide meaningful collective empowerment for economic, environmental, social & community sustainability and growth. Join QUAI Airdrop earn 22 QUAI ($5.5)

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Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Start a chat with the Telegram Bot.
2. Join our Telegram Channel and Group.
3. Follow us on Twitter, like recent post and create a post with hash tags #defi #token #tokensale #fintech @quaicollective
4. Follow us on Facebook, like recent post and create a post with hash tags #defi #token #tokensale #fintech @quaicollective
5. Enter Your ERC20 Wallet Address.
6. Before distributing tokens, we will verify your details. Follow the rules if you want to get tokens.

Quai Dao Project Overview:

Quai Dao Project Video Tutorial

  • About
  • Roadmap
  • Team
  • White Paper

The QUAI DAO goal is to facilitate through the QUAI platform, profitable and risk averse capital allocation, while assisting selected projects in meeting their capital funding needs. QUAI connects liquidity providers to unique tech ventures while providing synthetic yield capital provision opportunities. Through our in-depth understanding of decentralized financial markets, project risk management, blockchain technologies and ability to create bespoke defi instruments, QUAI DAO is able to support liquidity providers and venture investors in their endeavor to establish consistent yields and maximize ROI on capital allocations. QUAI DAO’s approach to crypto asset management together with its venture capital allocation strategies for innovative projects, collectively represent the future of alternative asset management in the decentralized financial markets. Read Mere>>


  • Established QUAI’s Core Team - QUAI Collective
  • Strategic Partnerships for Technology, Investment and Venture
  • MVP including Process Mapping and Designations, completed
  • Litepaper Written
  • Launch Private Sale - Investor Outreach
  • Create QUAI Mint and Sale dApp
  • Create QUAI’s Liquidity Mining Development dApp, QLMD


  • Front End UI Development for FOIL DEX on FOIL Blockchain Protocol
  • Launch Foil DEX with partners Horizen (ZEN)
  • Develop and Launch Foil NFT Launchpad and Auction House


  • Develop xQUAI DAO
  • Develop and Launch xQUAI UI (Voter UI, Project UI, Admin UI, DDF UI)
  • Develop and Launch xQUAI DAO Reserve

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QUAI DAO Team Members

  1. Michael Kurtikov - Co-Founder - Senior Project Manager - Software Development
  2. Alec Curry - Co-Founder - General Manager of QUAI
  3. Shimon Newman - Co-Founder - Tokenomics Expert
  4. Antonio delle Canne - Data Science and Data Analytics Specialist
  5. Francesco Cosimo Pacitto - Co-Founder - Senior Investment Advisor - Accelerators
  6. Askar Assangaliyev - Co-Founder - Director of Eurasia Accelerator Partnerships, Investments and Business Development
  7. Evgeniy Kuzin - Co-Founder - Blockchain Expert
  8. Fernando Piccirilli - Co-Founder - Senior Advisor Investments and M&A
  9. Kirill Demishev - Co-Founder - Senior Manager QUAI DAO and Project DAO - Governance & Operations
  10. Daniel Ehrlich - CEO of ENUMA.mx - Latin America - Business Development and Investments
  11. Anatolii Shaitanov - Senior UI/UX Designer
  12. Victor Yampolsky - Co-Founder - Business Development and Growth
  13. King Shill - Co-Founder - Senior Developer
  14. Gabriele Gabrieli - Fundraiser and Start-ups, Advisor
  15. Sergey Lukashov - Senior Advisor for Project Controls and Assurance

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How To Join QUAI DAO Airdrop

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