Kragx Defi Airdrop » Get 36 KRX ($18) & Per Refer 6 KRX ($3)

kragx defi

Kragx Defi Airdrop Details:

Kragx is a very unique and smart platform which provide fast, smart, accessible and profitable financial services for lending and borrowing cryptocurrency assets , staking for returns, exchange of cryptocurrency, decentralized application and an automated market maker.

Kragx users will also able to earn money, obtaining KRX tokens and also use tokens as means of payment. Kragx offer peer to peer trading for cryptocurrency.

kragx defi

KRX Airdrop Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Talk to the Telegram Bot.
2. Join our Telegram group and channel (Mandatory: 8 KRX).
3. Follow our Twitter and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory: 8 KRX)
4. Follow our Instagram (Optional: 5 KRX).
5. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (Optional: 4 KRX).
6. Follow our Reddit (Optional: 5 KRX).
7. Subscribe to our Advertiser’s YouTube, like and share the Kragx Airdrop video on one of your social media (Optional: 3 KRX).
8. Follow our Advertiser’s Twitter and retweet the post about the Kragx Airdrop (Optional: 2 KRX).
9. Join our Advertiser’s Telegram (Optional: 1 KRX)

Klever Project Overview:

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How to Join Kragx (KRX) Airdrop

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