KingSwap Bounty Contest

KingSwap Bounty

KingSwap Bounty Details:

Join and win maximum up to 0.2 Bitcoin and $10.000 worth in $KING token. Register with your email and put your ETH wallet address and BTC address (You may use Binance BTC address). You mast Share, follow & invite referrals to enter the contest and get up in your ranking. Latest Airdrop>>

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. You must be verify your email addres to count your points.
2. You must be submitted Your ETH And BTC Address.
3. To get your share your referral also be verify their email address.
4. Double or flase accounts are strickly banned entries are allowed for only 1 per person.
5. The Top 1 will get 0.1 BTC.
6. The Top 2-3 will get 0.1 BTC and shared between both will get 0.05 BTC each.
7. The Top 4-10 will get $3,000 worth of Tokens.
8. The Top 11 to 50 will get $3,000 worth of Tokens.
9. The Top 51 to 500 will get $4,000 worth of Tokens.
10. The winners will receive their reward based on their position.
11. The top 1 to 3 will receive their reward on their BTC wallet address.
12. Another 500 contestants will receive their reward on the ERC20 wallet.
13. Bounty manager reserve the rights to ban and block anyone if they cheat.
14. The bounty starts on 8th December 2020 at 6 AM UTC.
15. The bounty ends on 28th February 2021 at 6 PM UTC.
16. The reward distribution to the winners will be made after 15th March 2021.

KingSwap Project Overview:

KingSwap Project Video Tutorial

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How To Join KingSwap Bounty Contest

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