OKCoin Exchange Airdrop and Referral Program

OKCoin Exchange


OKCOIN is a new exchange and it is launch very soon. The OKCOIN give us two opportunity one is referral program in which if someone deposite or trade $100 or more on OKCoin then he/she will get $10 in Bitcoin and another is OKCoin run a airdrop program where it launch STACKS (STX) in OKCoin exhange for US and global investors. If anyone sign up on OKCoin then they will get a chance to earn STX.


Step-by-Step Guide:

1.To qualify for referral program you must complete the following step within 180 days:
  • First, register and verify identity (kyc) level 2.
  • Second, Deposit or trade $100 or more in their local currency.
2. Once you complete Step 1, you and your referral both will be rewarded $10 of BTC.
3. Rewards are distributed everyday at 4am (PST).
4. In January OKCoin launch the Stacks 2.0 mainnet. Don’t miss out, sign up and join the waitlist for the STX airdrop.

OKCoin AMA With Blockstack